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Ford Dealership Now Serving Milwaukee, WI

Ford Motor Company first brought cars and trucks to the Milwaukee area in 1903. Milwaukee was already a city with almost 300,000 people when the first Ford vehicles arrived. Now, Milwaukee, WI is a city of roughly 600,000 and has thousands of Ford cars, trucks and SUVs rolling down its streets.

Martin Ford Sales is the ideal destination for Ford trucks, cars and SUVs in the Milwaukee, WI area. Marin Ford Sales also offers more than 2,000 unique option to accessorize your Ford truck, car and SUV along with some of the best finance and lease deals in the Milwaukee, WI area.

The New 2015 Ford Lineup in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, WI doesn't have to wait any longer for the new Ford lineup to arrive because it's already here. The 2015 Ford lineup is one of the most exciting lineups Ford has ever produced and the time is now for Milwaukee, WI area to stop by Martin Ford to check out the new options available. Whether you're looking to add a sporty and efficient new Ford Fusion or a strong and durable Ford F-150, Martin Ford has the solutions the Milwaukee, WI area needs.

In addition to the newest Ford trucks, cars and SUVs, Martin Ford Sales also has a full inventory of used and Certified Pre-owned vehicles available to the Milwaukee, WI area. Our inventory of used and Certified Pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs are fully searchable in our online database.

Accessorize Your Ford in Milwaukee, WI

Martin Ford Sales offers almost endless opportunities for Milwaukee to personalize and customize their Ford trucks, cars and SUVs. From adding racks and carriers to a Ford Explorer to adding custom floor mats to a Ford Fusion, Martin Ford Sales is the perfect location to make your Ford the way you want it. Our factory-trained technicians will perform installation and get your Ford truck, car or SUV looking and performing the way you want it.

Buy or Lease a Ford In Milwaukee, WI

Whether you're looking to buy or lease, the attentive finance team at Martin Ford Sales has the experience and knowledge to help the Milwaukee, WI area fit a Ford truck, car or SUV in their budget. Martin Ford Sales will also help by giving pre-approval for Ford Credit through our website. Fill out our easy to use form in order to get started on a finance deal to bring a new or Certified Pre-owned Ford truck, car or SUV to your Milwaukee, WI home.

Get In Touch With Martin Ford Sales Today

Martin Ford is always ready to help the Milwaukee area finance a Ford, accessorize a Ford or get information on Ford vehicles. The new 2015 Ford F-150 is ready for the Milwaukee, WI area to test drive today. Contact us through our website, by phone or swing by during business hours for more info. Ford and Milwaukee, WI have been together for a long time and Martin Ford wants to see Ford trucks, cars and SUVs continue to roll through our great city. 

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